After 17 months, Danzer reopened its location in Souvans, France, in September, responding to the increase in demand for engineered hardwood flooring. By investing €13 million ($15.3 million) in the site, the full capacity of the facility will be about 20,000 m3 starting in the beginning of 2018. Staff celebrated the opening ceremony with local representatives as well as Hans-Joachim Danzer, Danzer CEO.

“In recent years, the global demand for engineered hardwood flooring has increased steadily – a trend that will continue,” said Danzer. “We have installed a new energy-saving boiler, our proprietary high-precision Danzer VS4000 veneer slicer and adequate drying kilns. Previous to the conversion, Souvans was exclusively producing veneer. Now it is also a specialized production site for flooring deck layers. In spring 2017, we started a first test production; in the beginning of 2018 we expect to reach full capacity.”

Before construction, the Danzer supervisory board approved a €15 million ($17.6 million) expansion investment plan for the factories in Souvans, Melnik, Czech Republic, and Darlington, S.C. Previously only the Melnik produced thick-cut veneers.

In 2012, Danzer began producing sliced wear layers for engineered flooring with increasing volume, with particularly high demand in oak deck layers, a resource with an abundant supply in the Souvans region.

“In addition to the many years of experience and the great know-how of our local employees, this was an important factor for the Souvans location,” said Danzer. “Due to our slicing technology and our proximity to the resource, we work exceptionally efficiently. Additionally, thanks to our industrial approach, we are able to offer a high production volume of consistent quality and with short reaction times.”

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