Shaw Industries partnered with the CDC, City and County of San Francisco, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, Ecoworks Studio, GIGA, HDR and McDonough Innovation to bring fresh thinking and continuing education opportunities to Greenbuild 2017 in Boston.

“Greenbuild is focused on transforming the market and changing the way people all over the world experience buildings,” said Paul Murray, vice president of sustainability and environmental affairs at Shaw. “It’s a forum that provides us with the opportunity to collaborate with customers and partners to provide insights and education as we all strive to have an even more positive impact in the world.”

At this year’s Greenbuild, Shaw provided five education lab sessions, including a session with architect William McDonough in addition to being part of the Cradle to Cradle “Built Positive” day-long pre-conference session. Shaw Education Lab sessions included: Cradle to Cradle Products: Currency in the Circular Economy, which explored growing sustainability concepts in the built environment; The Great Indoors: Creating Safe, Sustainable Environments; Designing for Human Health – Cradle to Cradle and WELL, which discussed how the built environment affects human health and how Cradle to Cradle product design can help meet the growing demand for health-conscious design; and Transparency - Tools and Tribulations, which delved into how to cut through the complexity of LEED v4 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credits.

The special session with William McDonough "A Walk in the Garden, An Essay of Clues and The Butterfly Effect” took a look at McDonough’s extensive work to do more good, including collaborating with Shaw Contract and Patcraft to design sustainable products with safe ingredients that can be perpetually recycled and were manufactured with respect for humans and the environment. These efforts are in keeping with Shaw’s long-held commitment to education and training that are at the heart of the company’s focus on innovation. Shaw provides more than 1 million training hours to its associates each year and offers extensive customer education opportunities.

“Our success and customers’ success is inextricably linked,” said Murray. “By constantly looking for what’s next and keeping a pulse on the perpetual shifts in the market, we are able to not only provide the best products and services to our customers but to help them advance their business goals as well.”

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