The first meeting of the newly-formed California Carpet Stewardship Program Advisory Committee took place on January 11 in Sacramento, Calif., attended by Bob Peoples, CARE executive director, and Jacy Bolden, California program director. The committee is required to operate under the Bagley Keene Act, and all meetings are open to the public. All notices of future meetings and calls will be posted on CalRecycle website.

During the meeting, the committee elected Rachel Palopoli of Planet Recycling as chair. The committee also received the draft CARE 5 Year Plan ahead of the meeting, and will be returning comments by early February. CARE will review the comments and respond, and plans to submit the final plan to CalRecycle on March 16.

The Committee was formed as a result of the passage of AB 1158, the law enacted in 2017 that modifies AB 2398. Advisory committee activities are also documented on CalRecycle's website.

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