The Edge Strip Kits (ESKS), synthetic cork product used to provide a perimeter barrier when pouring self-leveling underlayment (SLU), are now available for purchase online. The ESKS come in three packaging sizes: 24x2x5/16 in. strips (6 or 12 per kit); and a new a new size for ledger strips measuring 48x5/16x2 in.

Each strip cuts easily with a standard utility knife and is self-adhesive for an easy, no-mess installation, replacing the need for spray foam products or slow drying caulks.The ESKs peel and stick around the perimeter of the area where you plan to use the SLU. This acts to contain the SLU from escaping into adjacent areas, under walls, or through holes drilled for plumbing or electrical pipes. Edge Strips can also be cut lengthwise and stuck onto themselves to form an "L" to act as a temporary barrier at the door thresholds or vanity footprint.

When installing mat or cable floor heating systems, Edge Strips contain the self-leveling cement at the perfect height to encapsulate the mat/cable and protect the wire during floor installation.

ESKS can also be used as a tile ledger. The peel and stick properties allows them to be installed with no fastener penetrations and will not compromise waterproofing.Strips may be cut to any with to allow for support of upper tiles when installing deco strips. This way the installer may continue with installation and install deco next day. By using a float, you will be able to flush out tile and deco in same plane.

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