Charlotte, N.C. -- Federal Brace has added their complete product catalog to Chief Architect, software that enables designers and architects to complete drawings, three-dimensional renderings, and 360° panoramas of projects. Federal Brace added their products with the goal of “enhancing customer experience,” according to Cathy Morgan, general manager of Federal Brace.

“Many of the designers we regularly partner with use Chief Architect and wanted to show their clients what their custom design would look prior to project completion,” said Morgan. “Our products are a crucial part of the design, so their addition to the platform adds a level of fulfillment for both designers, remodelers and their respective clientele that was previously impossible.”

Chief Architect allows designers to render selected products into design plans for customers, including construction drawings, elevations and CAD details; professional-quality 3D models, including floorplans and framings; and most recently, 360° panoramas that lean into the virtual reality realm. They partner with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) to ensure that wall elevations and dimensions are to standard and even allow designers to take NKBA certification exams on Chief Architect’s downloadable software.

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