Los Angeles, Calif. -- Dan Brunn Architecture and BONE Structure will demonstrate the future of home building and design at Dwell on Design, to be held April 5-7, 2018, in Los Angeles, Calif. Exemplifying the architect’s minimalist aesthetic and dynamic spatial choreography of light and volume, Bridge House is conceived as a laboratory for contemporary building and living. The 2018 Dwell House, currently under construction, will be at booth #724 in the form of a handcrafted 17.5-foot-long, 102,439-piece LEGO model made by Cornerstone Brick Designs.

The house—a partnership with Dwell magazine and several product manufacturers—will act as a venue for social and educational events once completed in summer 2018. The 4,500-sq-ft, net-zero energy house literally bridges over a natural stream in Los Angeles’s Hancock Park neighborhood and exists in harmony with the natural environment. The 212x20-ft, single-story, cedar-clad structure mediates a dramatic grade change of 20 ft with a running brook extending below the center of the house. The home is being built with BONE Structure’s modular, prefabricated steel construction system based on a 5x5-ft, post-and-beam grid to expedite on-site assembly, save costs, and offer ecological benefits.

For more information, visit www.danbrunn.com, bonestructure.ca or www.dwellondesign.com.