FirmFit announces the summer 2018 launch of its new waterproof rigid core collection, FirmFit XXL, with eight oak and hickory colors in long and wide embossed-in-register (EIR) synchronized embossed planks. The warrantied collection is 100% waterproof, GreenGuard Gold certified, and comes with an enhanced antibacterial surface treatment. It can be installed without the use of transition moldings in a variety of spaces, including sunrooms.

"FirmFit understands the U.S. distribution market, and the success of our FirmFit product introductions has been outstanding,” said Eddie Vaughn, resilient product manager at BPI, a Memphis, Tenn.-based distribution partner for FirmFit who will carry the new collection. “FirmFit continues to offer more unique features such as EIR, long planks and enhanced bevels. The innovative product development that crosses several different categories has made FirmFit a great partner for us."

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