Ann Sacks recently unveiled Terrazzo Renata, a new collection that brings the beauty of Old Italy terrazzo, which means “terrace” in Italian, into homes. Throughout Italy, you will find versions of these tiles in palazzos and casas alike, and lending rustic charm to village walkways and gardens since the 15th century. Terrazzo Renata includes marbles from the famed Carrara quarries, its stone combination selected for its fine variation in size, composition and coloration.

Terrazzo Renata is offered in two colorways: Black, with its soft black field mottled by varying sizes and shades of white stone; and, White, with a creamy white marble backdrop similarly broken by different sizes and complementing shades of white stones. The collection is offered in 16x16 in. and 24x24 in. sizes.

Beyond its character and beauty, Terrazzo Renata is also an ecologically sound choice. The tiles contain 28% pre-consumer recycled content and are LEED v4 certified. The Italian government has approved limited usage of these incomparable reclaimed Carrara marbles, allowing those that have been discarded to be re-fashioned it into something beautiful and altogether modern.

This collection also benefits the bottom line when looking at Terrazzo Renata for large scale commercial and residential flooring applications. Competitively priced and in-stock, Terrazzo Renata can meet the demands of even the most aggressive budget and deadline. Primarily for flooring with its thickness and softly brushed finish, with the correct professional lay-up and support, it could also transform vertical spaces in an imaginative way, creating a space of personality and character.

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