Walker Zanger recently launched a reimagining of its highly popular Duquesa collection, now offering its tile designs in cement. Spanish for “duchess,” the Duquesa Cement collection adds the durable nature of cement to four timeless patterns—Alba, Fatima, Fez and Jasmine—for a broader range of application options that enrich the aesthetic of any space.

“Duquesa stands as one of our most popular tile collections, and designers and homeowners have been asking us for more versatile options so they can use these unique patterns as flooring,” said Jared Becker, Walker Zanger vice president of design and marketing. “That’s exactly what the Duquesa Cement collection offers—the ability to feature these rich, vintage designs as high-traffic flooring or even outdoors.”

The pattern Fatima draws inspiration from Italian textiles of the 16th century, Portuguese ceramic tiles and Moorish mosaics. Fez fuses influences from Spanish and Egyptian wood inlays, exotic pendant lanterns and Chinese decorative screens. Alba celebrates Moorish geometric designs and bronze metalwork, while Jasmine takes on the organic look of Moroccan arched doorways and carvings.

All Duquesa Cement tiles are featured in Walker Zanger’s exclusive color Mezzanotte (meaning “midnight” in Italian), which represents a dusty-blue night sky in contrast to a light gray and creamy white background. Each tile profile creates a vintage mood with a modern twist that resides comfortably in a home with historic roots, or brings juxtaposition and character to a contemporary space.

Offered as a 8x8-in tile, each is handcrafted using open pour molds. Pigmented cement is poured into the mold, topped off with powdered cement and compacted by a hydraulic press to produce ornate designs on the tile surface. This technique results in clean, precise lines and dramatic pops of color that add a bold design element to both residential and commercial projects.

For more information, visit walkerzanger.com.