Expect stained concrete floors to appear in more and more locations through 2018 and beyond. Architects, designers, builders, and contractors are looking for solutions for the WELL Standard, LEED certification, sick-building syndrome, and other health and economical reasons. Keeping pace means using materials that respond to the problems facing designers and builders. SureCrete’s Eco Stain line of concrete stains sets the standard for building materials that respond to growing human changes, needs, and concerns.

Current LEED standards represent widespread agreement that buildings must meet human needs in ways that minimize harmful interaction with the environment. Green building standards lower buildings’ demands for natural resources, including heating, cooling, and lighting systems, and increasingly gives back to its surroundings in the forms of more green-space creation, increased climate sensitivity, and better waste disposal. Big changes in materials for insulation, light management, and surface-coverage keep problems from arising. In the surfacing area, the new concrete stains stand out, both for their environmental neutrality and ease of maintenance.

Semi-transparent, penetrating and water-based, Eco-Stain contains no VOC and are maintained with regular applications of clear sealer. Eco Stains are suitable for high-traffic situations and both original applications and maintenance are far less disruptive in terms of both time and space. Unlike concrete paints, their penetrating qualities prevent peeling and sharply reduce both water-related damage and exposure to UV light. Eco-Stain provides a reliable, easy-to-use stable alternative to other coatings. A wide range of colors, 31 in all, lets you meet a wide range of customer demands.

Eco-Stain can also be used to create a series of “carpets” on a large monotonous surface. The color zones that work so well in commercial spaces have more subtle uses at home. The deep, resonant colors of Eco Stain make them a logical candidate to tie the pool deck, patio, outdoor kitchen and adjacent indoor family room together. Another hot trend that just keeps growing is using Eco Stains and custom stamps to create a wood-look on your surface. Finished results range from classic flooring to plank effects. In both residential and commercial settings, this technique lets you introduce the look of wood where it has not been possible before. Concrete lumber-looks hold up where chronic soil-dampness or heavy humidity make real timber construction a fragile choice.

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