Coatings for Industry (CFI) has added two new highly durable, near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) coatings to its WearCOAT line. The coatings – WearCOAT 2330 Gloss and WearCOAT 2345 Satin – were developed for commercial concrete floor applications where low-odor, quick return-to-service, excellent durability and aesthetics are key in areas of commercial buildings with high-volume foot and wheeled traffic, even heavy tow motors and trucks.

Typical applications for the coatings are high-traffic, high-visibility areas, including big-box retail, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, hospitals and airport terminals. They are also well- suited to many types of plants and manufacturing facilities where heavy-duty wheeled vehicles are tough on the floor. Because they contain nearly-zero VOC, and have virtually no odor, they can be applied in public buildings, even while occupied.

WearCOAT 2330 is a two-component product that offers a gloss finish. WearCOAT 2345 offers a satin finish and is applied in three parts, including an aggregate component. Both are 95% solids and are applied as one coat at 3 mils. Both products feature an average pot life of 30 minutes, and coverage of 500 square feet per gallon. Their cure time allows for a fast return to service; it’s dry to touch in four hours, and just 12 hours for foot traffic. WearCOAT 2330 is offered in 1.2- and 3.5-gallon kits. WearCOAT 2345 is sold in one- and three-gallon kits.

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