Acton Vale, Quebec -- Beaulieu Canada recently donated laminate flooring to a home project outfitted for Malik Trépanier, a four-year-old child who suffers from type 1 spinal muscular atrophy.

Type 1 of spinal muscular atrophy is a severe condition that attacks the nerves of the voluntary muscles, affecting even breathing and swallowing. Diagnosed at four months of age, Trépanier was unable to support his hand and lift his arms and legs, and the doctors gave him no more than two years of life expectancy. With heroic courage, Trépanier is defeating the odds by making constant progress.

The home project, organized by the foundation Les Bons Amis, was to revamp the basement of Trépanier’s family home to facilitate the child’s movement. Beaulieu Canada donated resistant laminate flooring from the company’s Explorer collection so the family could fully enjoy this space.

"Giving back is a very important value at Beaulieu Canada" said Sophie-Tanya Lupien, vice president of marketing. "Any opportunity we have to help others is one that we want to seize! We humbly hope to have made a small difference in the family's life."

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