Knoxville, Tenn. -- Braxton-Bragg recently celebrated 16 employees that have been with the company more than a decade, and six that have more than five years of service.

Jack Harrison, who started as one of Doug Slocum’s first employees in 1995, tops the list with more than 20 years of service handling warehouse orders. Approaching two decades with more than 18 years is Larry Hood, editor of Slippery Rock Gazette. He began his Braxton-Bragg career with freelance graphics in 1998, then was officially brought on staff later.

Employees who have been with the company for 15 years include: Cecil Allred from IT; Steve Copeland from shipping/receiving; Bill Roberts from tool repair; Adam Lynch from shipping; director of purchasing Patsy Mode; Ken Brock of customer service; David Green from the warehouse; and Rhonda Griffin from accounts receivable. Celebrating their 10 year anniversary are: vice president of development Bill Hickey; Charles Chesteen from technical operations; Mike Vinyard from shipping; warehouse manager Ted Carver; graphic designer William Brown; and Tammy Glass from the warehouse. Those who have been with the company for 5 years include: webmaster and e-marketing manager Derek Brodka; Daryl Sims of CNC customer service; Bill Burgess from customer service and web sales; Andrew Geronimo and Darrell Lynch from customer service; and customer service account manager Mike King.

“To become CEO of a company that has such loyal employees has been a breath of fresh air,” said Rick Stimac. “Many of them have taught me about our industry, and provided history on where Braxton-Bragg came from, so that we were able to strategically plan our future.”

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