Designed to extend the life cycle of its products, Nanimarquina presents a series of nanotechnology treatments that improve the properties of rugs in regards to common problems such as stains and deterioration. One of the biggest challenges in owning a rug is keeping it as clean and intact as the first day. To maintain rugs in optimum condition, in both homes and public spaces, Nanimarquina offers treatments, which are endorsed by the Spanish Technical Cleaning Institute (ITEL).

Stain-resistant prevents dirt and stains. Spills can be removed easily with a damp sponge, without leaving a stain. Damp-resistant produces a repellent effect against liquids. Mold-resistant inhibits the formation of fungi and mold. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial resistant creates a more hygienic and healthy environment. UV-resistant prevents the discoloration of the fibers by UV rays, as well as by certain types of interior lighting. Fire-resistant reduces flammability and delays propagation.

Each treatment lasts approximately two years, depending on the amount of use and type of rug. The nanotechnology treatments do not affect the intrinsic properties of the wool, maintaining its softness, brightness, and warmth. The applied treatments also do not produce toxic gases.

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