Sensa by Cosentino recently added five new colors to its existing offering of 35 hues: White Napoli, Silver Blue, Luna Blanca, Smoky White, and White Alamo. Developed exclusively by Cosentino, Sensa is a maintenance-free premium natural stone with stain protection that rivals the performance of manmade surfacing. The new colors add texture and tones to the existing offering—marrying a natural, luxurious look with a maintenance-free, high-quality natural stone.

While other natural stone on the market is porous and susceptible to stains from everyday use, Sensa by Cosentino comes equipped with Senguard, a deep treatment applied during the manufacturing process that protects the stone, helping eliminate required sealing, saving homeowners both time and money and reducing the risk of darkening that comes with repeated applications of standard sealers. True to Cosentino's commitment to quality and durability, Sensa comes with a 15-year transferrable warranty.

"The active, busy lifestyle of today's homeowner demands durable, low-maintenance surfacing," says Massimo Ballucchi, director of marketing for Cosentino North America. "While both Silestone quartz and ultra-compact Dekton from Cosentino offer a great solution, there remains a segment of the market that prefers the natural elegance of what Mother Nature creates. The high-performance benefits make Sensa another perfect choice for kitchen countertops and other surfaces throughout the home. We're delighted to expand our offering and introduce it to the marketplace."

Luna Blanca evokes maroon and gray tones that fall across a moon white background to accomplish an innovative design. Luna Blanca is a polished Indian color, and an elegant option for countertops, walls and flooring. Silver Blue subtly blends white and blue ripples on a natural silver background to create a bold tone, with a metallic finish and a high end design. Silver Blue is a polished, new to market color, from Spain.

Smoky White, found in India, swirls black, white and silver waves to create an exotic design of natural stone. White Alamo blends cool grays and whites with hints of blacks to discover a stunning work of natural art. White Alamo is a polished, new to market color from Brazil. White Napoli is a polished Brazilian stone with highlights of gray and black on a creamy white background.

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