Nowadays mosaics are known for going above your sink and wrapping around your kitchen. They are that finishing touch, eye candy and crowning jewel of personality to create your personal pièce de résistance. Mosaics create beautiful backsplashes, accent walls and touches of decoration for your bathroom.

Mosaics also have a long history of being used for flooring, dating back to 4th century Greece. Captivating mosaic floors adorned churches and palaces and told stories created by true artisans. The first mosaics were made of colored stone, shell and ivory which were hand placed one piece at a time to create intricate pieces of art. Centuries later many of these mosaic floors are still there to tell their story while providing a timeless look.

With such an amazing history of mosaics handcrafted for flooring, when did mosaics come off the floor and become primarily for your walls?

Elegant Mosaics wants to bring that focus of mosaics back to flooring with “Handcrafted in Arizona” custom mosaics. All of the company’s made to order handcrafted mosaics are ⅜ in. thick so they are rated for floor use. To create the highest quality mosaics, Elegant Mosaics takes a page out of history by putting the modern machines aside and placing each individual piece by hand. This allows artisans to individually inspect each chip to make sure they’re beautiful and to discard any discolored or damaged pieces, ensuring an impeccable finished product. Mosaics are made from start to finish by the same Elegant Mosaics team member to create consistency and quality throughout an order.

Here are three out-of-the-box mosaics ideas to create a unique and eye-catching flooring for a space in your home.

Floral Fusion
A unique floral mold provides a combination of stone and glass to create a beautiful repeating petal arrangement. This mosaic is available in eight set color combinations or is customizable to create the color combination that works best for your home.

Donna Moss Designer Line
“The Queen of Bling” brings her signature style and love for all things shiny to Elegant Mosaics, debuting her new designer mosaic line in the Summer of 2018. One of her first designs, which makes for a flooring that definitely stands out, is Haute Hex. This blends a classic hexagon geometric design made out of penny round chips with a white, black and shiny gold color combination. The timeless look of the white and black together is elevated and renewed aside the gold.

Rachel Moriarty’s Designer Line
Rachel is known for her love of color saturation and total use of the rainbow. Drawing inspiration from world travels, Rachel will be introducing her first designer mosaic collection this summer. To epitomize her use of color, Elegant Mosaics will be releasing a unique line of #RainbowFleek Mosaics which blend a colorful array of glass tones to brighten and create interest in any space.

Mosaics deserve to be flooring! #BeElegant

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