Milliken presents a captivating approach to commercial flooring with Textured Sky, a new collection blending vibrancy with visual intrigue. With a selection of three distinctive SDN patterns and 20 organic colors, Textured Sky’s interior influence can be powerful or understated. Plus, with unique variation found in each color, every floorscape will be a one-of-a-kind creation.

Textured Sky also features a high-luster yarn by Universal Fibers. Meticulously woven throughout each tile, this yarn showcases a reflective, almost-glistening finish. Accentuating the Textured Sky collection as a whole, this yarn promises a refined and uniquely incandescent aesthetic. An exquisite balance of form and function, Textured Sky offers an infinite amount of design combinations, making a truly customizable environment a reality.

Textured Sky is available in either 50cm x 50cm tiles or 25cm x 1m planks and tip-shear and loop options. Constructed with a PVC-free open-cell cushion backing unique to Milliken as well as a high-performance nylon 6, it features a total of 39.3% recycled content.

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