Cotto d’Este USA’s Cement Project is a versatile collection in which the typically “urban” nature of cement is expressed in a new way - in vast and architectural contexts. Surfaces and colors echo cement effects with aesthetic and sensory fidelity.

“The collection conceptually mirrors the great, Brutalist, twentieth century style of architecture” says Tressa Samdal, director of marketing for Cotto d’Este USA. “It embodies a strong expressive power, enabling a wide variety of interpretations.”

The series uses a combination of three gray tones on three different surfaces: Work, Cem and Land, each available in different thicknesses and sizes. The Cem and Land surfaces reproduce cement in its purer, compact, urban style. Cem is available in Kerlite 5.5mm plus, while Land comes in a 14mm thickness. The Work surface replicates the effect of board-formed concrete, marked with the indelible impressions and character of the wood planks that formed it. The Work surface is available in Kerlite 5plus (5.5 mm).

Combining the contrasting characteristics of concrete and the lightness and maneuverability of large, ultra slim slabs, Kerlite guarantees a unique, flexible and resilient product, distinguished by its versatility and convenience of use. Thin, lightweight, with sizes up to 100x300 cm, the Kerlite slabs are reinforced with fiberglass and suit the design challenges of contemporary architecture. In addition to the Kerlite version, Work is also available in a 20mm thickness, perfect for extending the beauty of Work to the outdoors.

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