Solon, Ohio -- Tarkett presents comprehensive offerings that respond to today’s culture shifts. As the company grows and changes from exposure to new perspectives, we undergo a remarkable transformation. It’s more than a simple blending of cultures. It’s the creation of something entirely new. A Neoculture.

Neoculture is inspired by four macro trends: Purpose Positive, Sub-Urbanization, Regenerative Generation, and Future of Betterment, highlighting where projects are headed and why inhabitants’ expectations of these spaces have changed.

For Tarkett, the influences of Neoculture are represented in its product and solutions offerings, which are meaningful to these shifts in the market and are aligned to customers’ evolving expectations. The Tarkett products launching this year demonstrate the influences of Neoculture as seen through the colors, textures and experiences throughout the showroom.

Purpose Positive captures the adaptive reuse of Big Box stores and changes in multi-family housing and mixed-use developments. This trend is defined by a colorful, individual and inclusive mindset; equal opportunity environments that are blind to age, gender, race and creed; flexibility and balance into creative co-working spaces; and small, agile companies hyper-focused on the voice of their customers.

As we move away from austere, industrial interiors, color expressiveness is taking center stage in different social spaces. These new spaces are playful, inclusive and made to appeal to and celebrate the vibrant multiculturalism of urban centers. The use of multicolor communicates enthusiasm, opportunity, and creates spaces where we are all welcome.

Sub-Urbanization focuses on where such projects are happening and how people are creating new ‘city-centers’ within suburbs. The revitalization of areas surrounding urban centers and celebration of multiculturalism reveal artisanal traditions and culture. By reviving old districts, the outer rings of urban centers are welcoming a younger generation that brings new life while respecting the community’s heritage. Sub-Urbanization is defined by pleasure of community and togetherness; artistry and craft while adding personality; and a focus is on fashion and style that is multicultural.

Regenerative Generation highlights how people are embracing sustainability through a focus on their own carbon footprint. Regenerative Generation is defined by: partnering with nature, and cherishing things made with our own hands, lending to the rise in makers markets and community gardens; an omnipresent focus on the outside natural world and living in harmony with it; the thriving foodie culture maintains emphasis on real food and authentic cuisine; prioritizing the sourcing of local ingredients to reduce our carbon footprint; and finding new purpose in old materials and surrounding oneself with things that have inherent beauty.

nurturing nature In more ways than one, Tarkett is embracing the effects of nature in built environments, not only through bringing living things into our space or incorporating them in designs, but also alluding to natural environments through color and material. Deep natural tones lend themselves to feelings of wellbeing and authenticity; bright sunny accents energize and uplift.

Future of Betterment spotlights our near obsessive focus on health and wellness as a status symbol. Future of Betterment is defined by: a touch of luxury, delicate and airy colors; minimalistic and mindful ambiance; the meditative quest for self-actualization; well-being as a status symbol; tranquil spaces that are filled with soft color palettes and ultra-soft textures to create meditative escapes; personalized recommendations for ongoing improvement; physical environments that provide ambient wellness; and simplicity, soft light and precious metals, abundant texture, and origami inspiration.

Pink is associated with nurturing, and is a color that has a calming effect on people, suggesting safety and vulnerability. We are seeing many different shades of soothing warm neutrals and rejuvenating cool hues everywhere we turn, often intermingled with pink accents and natural materials. These colors and textures have a sophisticated quality but impart a minimal and contemplative feeling.

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