Upofloor, a brand within the Kährs Group, recently launched Zero Tile, a PVC-free floor tile made without plasticizers created for use in public spaces. Zero Tile is made in Finland of the PVC-free material Enomer. Thanks to the tile’s wear-resistant properties and excellent resistance to chemicals, it is well suited for schools, daycare centers, hospitals, entrance halls and corridors. It is also excellent for corporate applications since it withstands wear and tear from office chairs with wheels. Thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance, life cycle cost is low.

“We see a clear trend that more and more customers demand environmentally-sound flooring alternatives that contribute to a healthy indoor environment, and Upofloor has a very strong position in this segment," said Andreas Berge, manager resilient flooring at Kährs Group.

For more information, visit www.kahrsgroup.com.