New from W. R. Meadows comes Decra-Seal Natural, a water-based sealer that enhances the natural appearance of a variety of decorative hardscapes. Decra-Seal Natural can effectively be used on interior, exterior, horizontal, and vertical decorative concrete, pavers, unglazed tiles, and a variety of porous natural and artificial stones. According to the company, Decra-Seal Natural is a non-film forming, penetrating water repellent that chemically bonds to the substrate to help increase the service life. Decra-Seal Natural offers a long-lasting, non-yellowing matte finish while also offering excellent sealing benefits.

Decra-Seal Natural is low-VOC and is safe and easy to use. It can be applied by an industrial sprayer, lint-free roller, or lamb’s wool applicator. Equipment can be cleaned with soap and water after use.

“Decra-Seal Natural is unique to the industry as it gives the decorative surface a natural appearance, while also enhancing the color,” said Jim Becker, product group manager, construction liquids, W. R. Meadows. “The product’s ability to also aid in the reduction of salt and water penetration truly makes it an exciting option for the protection of concrete, masonry and pavers.”

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