Patcraft recently launched its Splitwood collection, a resilient collection that embraces the innate beauty of worn wood, turning natural imperfections into versatile design features. Available in 9x60 in. planks, textural grooves and cracks with metallic inlays of bronze, silver and gold create distinctive wood visuals that add radiance and warmth to the built environment.

“Splitwood’s realistic graining and intricate detail is created by an emboss in register process,” said Shannon Cochran, vice president of creative and design for Patcraft. “The metallic accents enhance and elevate the traditional wood visual providing a rich sense of depth and texture on the floor.”

With an elongated wood plank visual, the natural wood palette within the Splitwood collection blends effortlessly to optimize various aesthetic choices. The larger plank size aids in a faster installation process, and a 5mm product construction allows for installation alongside carpet without the need for transition.

With an ExoGuard finish to protect against stains and premature wear, Splitwood provides superior durability when installed in high-demand environments. Polish-optional, products offer hassle-free maintenance and excellent stain resistance. Splitwood features a 10-year underbed warranty when installed with advanced adhesive Shaw 4100 or S150 spray adhesive.

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