Mannington Commercial introduces Heirloom, a modular plank and tile collection that celebrates the intricacy of traditional handiwork and the ability of craft to transcend language and history, spanning across various cultures and time periods.

The inspiration for Heirloom was derived from a Czechoslovakian wedding dress worn by the great grandmother of one of the designers. The design team was not only drawn to the garment’s brightly colored embroidery, pleating and hand-sewn detail, but also to its transformation due to the effects of time and use. Densely woven fabric motifs had unraveled, causing colors to fade, which highlighted delicate stitching and changes in texture.

“Inspiration for carpet collections often comes from myriad sources,” said Roby Isaac, Mannington Commercial’s vice president of design. “In the case of Heirloom, the team looked to a tactile piece of history and saw possibilities. We are hopeful that designers and clients are as intrigued by the back story and its translation as we are.”

Elements from the garment provide a background that is actualized in Heirloom’s design and appearance. The premise behind the collection is that through mixing and matching of modular planks and tiles, designers will create a customized flooring pattern and “Heirloom” of their own. Each style features 12 colorways that draw from the palettes of traditional, Eastern European folk costumes.

Each colorway ties back to one of three versatile color groups: cool gray, warm gray and beige. Offerings include a more neutral colorway, a neutral with a pop of color, and a brightly colored option. By mixing the colorways of each group among the different styles, designers can define spaces through the pooling and ebbing of color and through pattern work.

Heirloom is available in three styles. Memento, in a 12x48 in. plank, features complex patterning and color play that evokes the artistry of traditional handiwork. Relic, also in 12x48 in. plank, shows the artistry’s deconstruction or underpinning by fading out the color and pattern, offering a new visual rhythm underfoot. Souvenir, in a 24x24 in. tile, provides a calm, nearly non-directional pattern that also conveys texture.

Heirloom is made with Antron Lumena Type 6,6 Solution Dyed Nylon, a third-party-certified Environmentally Preferable Product. The collection also features Infinity Modular backing, which contains pre-consumer recycled content and is certified NSF/ANSI-140 Gold, with a Product Specific Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and a published Health Product Declaration (HPD). Heirloom is made in the USA at Mannington’s ISO 14001 registered facilities and is fully recyclable through Mannington’s LOOP reclamation program.

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