Introducing Abstract, a new LVT collection exploring intricate shapes and textures. Abstract contains four new patterns offered in a variety of dimensional tones, emulating a new approach to tactility with a contemporary twist.

Inspired by a chameleon of texture surfaces like snake skin and chain mail, Tactual is created with overlapping stippled spheres accentuated by the muted luster of metal. Tactual is available in three colors and 19.7x19.7 in. squares. Bring light and depth to any space with the geologically inspired Tangible, imbued with the unique splendor of a crystalline rock or refinished stone. Tangible is available in 2 colors and in 18x36 in. planks.

Coarse brush-like strokes coupled with an intricate woven effect are emphasized by areas of tension and distress in the progressive Sensations, available in both warm and cool shades. Sensations is available in 4 colors and 18x36 in. planks. Immersive encompasses several texturized surfaces found in nature, from weathered metal, to distressed stone and seasoned wood. Immersive is available in 3 distinct styles (Vertical, Cross Cut, and Square) in addition to 3 colors. Vertical and Cross Cut styles are available in 7.9x39.4 in. planks, in addition to a 19.7x19.7 in. Square offering.

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