Tarkett recently launched the Contour + Techtonic collection, premium LVT flooring products in a variety of wood, stone, and abstract patterns, created by Tandus Centiva. Contour combines today’s most thoughtful visionaries with the industry’s most innovative technologies, charting fresh new territory in design and performance. With Tarkett’s high-definition digital printing capabilities, as well as limitless opportunities for co-creation, Tarkett will work with clients to recolor any pattern to meet their exact specifications, providing unmatched service and design flexibility with low minimums.

“Contour + Techtonic is the solution our customers are looking for because it is best in class protection and promises to keep floors looking new, longer,” said Jon Gittrich, vice president of product management for Tarkett North America.

Inspired by a variety of materials and techniques, Contour Abstracts offers unique experiences and artful expressions for the floor plane. From woven textiles to mathematical equations, each creative process begins as a question in the creator’s mind. What if we could explore the element of water beneath our feet? What if we manipulated circles in an entirely new way? What if we explore color with more passion and excitement?

Contour Woods begins with the careful study of natural grains and time-honored woodworking techniques, pulling out the details of each species and building upon them for a look that’s even better than the real thing. The new end grain pattern is reminiscent of the wood blocks used as street pavers in the mid-1800s, a stunning visual now, but trusted then for its durability and comfort for animals. From the warm and rustic to the cool and contemporary, every grain has a story to tell—and a unique contribution to make.

Gaining inspiration from old-world Italian craftsmanship, Contour Stones showcases subtle depths of color and texture that shift and morph as nature intended, creating authentic visuals that can only be accomplished through advanced digital design. Design interpretations of Italian concrete and the reflection of glass against stone take on a character all their own.

Contour combines a 32 mil wear layer with Techtonic, a new protection that delivers unmatched durability in high-traffic areas. Tarkett’s Techtonic is an advanced new polyurethane technology is super tough, resisting scratching, abrasions, scuffing and staining, ensuring that floors look nicer, longer. Techtonic’s matte finish adds beauty, depth, and dimension, for safe and beautiful floors that stand up to the worst of wear.

Contour + Techtonic is suitable for a variety of segments, including retail, education, workplace and healthcare. Additionally, as part of Tarkett North America’s sustainability measures and commitment to people-friendly spaces, Contour is: phthalate free; 27.5% recycled content; recyclable through ReStart reclamation program; and meets new requirements for indoor air quality credit on low emitting flooring (FloorScore) and low TVOCs for LEED v4.

For more information, visit www.tarkettna.com.