Snow and salt don’t stand a chance against Cintas's Xtraction floor mat. The mat is the latest addition to Cintas’ High Performance Series.

“Whether you operate a retail store, school, hotel or hospital, matting matters when it comes to keeping dirt and liquids from being tracked into your facility, and projecting a professional image,” said John Engel, director of marketing, facility services, Cintas. “The Cintas Xtraction floor mat delivers on design, traction, durability and absorption to help businesses maintain cleanliness and brand image.”

The advanced fibers of the Cintas Xtraction floor mat create 10 times the surface area in order to capture and hold more water. Multiple size fibers work together to knock off even the finest particles from shoes. The Cintas Xtraction floor mat also features fast-drying fibers to provide quicker evaporation of moisture. The exclusive patent-pending rubber backing provides high traction with shoe tread-inspired technology.

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