Tarkett will launch Desso’s latest collection for hospitality with Style’s Life, a soft surface collection designed by Amanda Gala and Lisa Herreth, at BDNY in New York City, Nov. 11-12. Designs for Style’s Life are based on objects assembled and reimagined like a painter’s canvas. These “still lifes” portray a traveler’s journey, representing a visual memoir of the experiences that have shaped and guided them.

With Style’s Life the designers sought to direct, instruct and manipulate. Working more as painters than photographers, they assembled still lifes from the objects found during travel, items that tell the story of a life that has wandered, explored and discovered. The collection demonstrates individuality through the lens of where they’ve been and what they’ve seen. It is a carefully curated assortment, showcasing only the souvenirs that are worthy of permanent display on a shelf or dresser.

Designer Lisa Herreth spoke of the collection, saying, “Style’s Life is about the journey: Who is travelling, What you find and Where you go. Discovering places, people and objects through our lenses and our senses. It is an artistic display of these treasures that encompasses the way we travel, incorporating mapping patterns, topography and flight paths, mixed with the souvenirs that we find on our travels, the ones that we place on our shelves to keep the memories real. These still lifes portray our style: our Style’s Life.”

Designs from the collection are available in: axminster broadloom and tile; injection dyed broadloom and tile; colorpoint; handtufted; and infinity. The collection works in a variety of hospitality environments for luxury hotels and resorts, casinos, and mid-scale and economy lodging properties, to aid in crafting interiors that reflect authentic, intrinsic character.

Tarkett believes in placing people in the center of every space. As part of Tarkett North America’s sustainability measures and commitment to people-friendly spaces that perform and inspire, Style’s Life meets CRI Green Label+, offering a higher standard for indoor air quality.

For more information, visit www.tarkettna.com.