West New York, N.J. -- Shaw Sports Turf announced a special #MORETHANAFIELD sponsorship of Educating Athletes, a non-profit based in New Jersey with an unprecedented youth enrichment and educational initiative for disadvantaged high school athletes that have the potential of earning an athletic scholarship.

This program is operated by a staff of professional recruiters, coaches, educators and individuals who have mentored over 200 high school athletes through the process of achieving college scholarships and becoming productive members of their community. In partnership with NFL/NBA players, college coaches, recruiters and other non-profits like Athletes in Action, the group has designed a program that addresses the physical, mental and spiritual development of students.

Shaw Sports Turf is honored to be involved in events like these, where its contribution makes a difference to athletes in the communities the company serves. The Shaw Sports Turf vision is to be “more than a field” to customers and partners alike because relationships formed are important long after the products are installed.

“We have provided and financially assisted students with: tutoring (SAT/ACT Prep Courses); developing player highlights to showcase skills; promoting and marketing students to prospective colleges; student participation in combines & college camps; transportation and preparation for college visits and coaches’ interviews; character development, core values and work ethic; and leadership training, time management, financial literacy. These efforts have helped us attain scholarships for 98% of our scholar athletes, and sponsorships like the ones from Shaw Sports Turf allow us to continue,” said Henry Queiro, executive director of Educating Athletes.

Each year the group holds and event for high school and college coaches. This year’s event will be December sixth in New Jersey.

For more information, visit www.educatingathletes.com or www.shawsportsturf.com.