Pioneer Millworks introduces Modern Farmhouse, a sleeker, more modern line of wood products including flooring and paneling from sustainable and certified wood sources. Available in a variety of hardwood species, the Modern Farmhouse products are being offered in a high “clean” grade and “casual” grade both with a more uniform appearance than their reclaimed wood counterparts.

“While reclaimed wood will always have our hearts, we understand that designers, architects, builders, and homeowners are at times in the market for something with a smoother complexion and less character,” said Jered Slusser, market manager at Pioneer Millworks. “Modern Farmhouse fits those needs and can be a more affordable option.”

With less tonal variation and fewer knots, these fresh sawn products offer a cleaner, more homogeneous look. “The consistency of our freshly harvested species pair great with our various eco-friendly finishes,” continued Slusser. “Standard finish colors are inspired by natural tones closely associated with Scandinavian styles including Linen, Pure, Straw, Naked, White Wash, and Espresso.”

Sourcing Modern Farmhouse wood flooring and paneling is consistent with the company’s ethos including options from FSC-certified forests as well as from incidental harvest species, standing dead, and small well-managed family forests. “We’ve long been FSC chain of custody certified. The additional sources allow us access to a greater selection of species from reputable, sustainable advocates,” said Slusser. “Plus, our Casual grade is live-sawn leaving it with a mix of grain orientations allowing us to make the most of each board, reducing waste and achieving an appearance that is true to the tree.”

Modern Farmhouse wood options include Ash, Hickory, Walnut, Maple, and White Oak (Clean and Casual grades) – with other species being introduced throughout 2019. As a standard, the line is offered in engineered and solid wood products in face widths up to 9 in. Customization can include a variety of alternate widths, pre-finish colors, textures, and mill profiles. Full fabrication for fixtures, build-outs, furniture, and more is also offered by the company.

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