Politics are playing a huge role in design in everything from high-end art to fashion to interior design, and this trend is also playing out in hospitality spaces. 

“We’ve been calling it a point counterpoint in our design language here in the studio, but I’m kind of seeing everything play out in, in two ways,” said Elizabeth Bonner, creative design director, hospitality, Mohawk. “One way it can be really bright and confrontational, but the other idea is that we’re creating some peaceful, more mindful spaces. We’re in real heightened political environment, real heightened activity. The idea is when you’re retreating into these hospitality spaces that you’re looking for peace and, in a way, to pull away from all of that.”

In response, Durkan launched a new collection, Trovare‚ a highly textured, softly colored surface that offers a moment of respite. 

“Trovare is a visual play between the two polarities of textured organic and structured geometry,” said designer Karen Maffetone. “Patterns are deconstructed down to basic elements of pixel and color, where form melts away and becomes a balanced union of the organic and the structured. Its unique patina of aged geometrics tells a modern story of a traditional yesterday. As one who finds an unexpected treasure, Trovare likewise appeals to the senses.”