Fiber-Shield Industries has launched the professional grade Fast-Kleen, which cleans carpet and rug spots and stains. Created for carpet and rug professionals, this water-based spot cleaner, is ideal for water-safe carpets, contains no VOCs or propellants, and is both non-flammable and non-combustible. Fast-Kleen is fitted with the latest bag-on-valve spray technology, which means 360-degree operation and virtually complete evacuation, for convenient and economical usage. A non-aerosol, squirt bottle version of the product is also available.

“Here is a new opportunity for contractors, carpet and rug retail stores, installers and interior designers,” said Manny Vickers, president and co-founder of Fiber-Shield Industries. “Our most discerning professional customers tested Fast-Kleen, and they were impressed by its ability to remove the toughest spots, including wine, coffee, oil and other substances that typically plague commercial and residential clients.”

In addition to the product’s spot-removing power, industry professionals were equally impressed by the fact that Fast-Kleen is water-based and, thus, more environmentally-friendly than other spot removers.

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