Hidden away on an attic terrace in Latina lies a mini-spa, where one of the key features is Lapitec sintered stone. In fact, the material has been chosen as a covering for the walls of the waterfall and the ‘suspended’ edge of the pool, which is in the middle of the terrace. This newly-raised, four-story residential building with its little oasis has been designed and coordinated by the architect Mariella Niglio, from the Kaletekhne studio in Rome.

The focal point of the terrace, the swimming pool has been constructed by Wepool using a highly resistant and light trademarked material, which provided the architect with a high level of creative freedom and the chance to create quite complex shapes, like the chaise longue with built-in blowers, the beach entry, the hydromassage steps and other design features like the walls of the waterfall. Sili Arcangelo was tasked with fitting the 30mm thick Lapitec, Vesuvio-finish slabs on the edge of the pool (4.80m x 4.50m), which has high anti-slip properties, making it the go-to material for this type of project. The same finish has also been used on the wall of the waterfall, which consists of two slabs of full body sintered stone (in the largest size option), which have been cut into an ‘L’-shape and ‘seamlessly’ joined together to create a single wall.

Even the choice of color was carefully considered, the delicate hue of Artico giving the water a crystalline quality, enhancing the luminosity of the surrounding space. As well as the aesthetic beauty and the option of using large-format slabs, Nigilio also opted for Lapitec because of its functional and technical specifications which make it long lasting and ideal for outdoor use. Sintered stone is easy-clean, highly resistant to scratches and completely immune to UV rays. It is also 100% natural, making it perfect for eco-sustainable building projects; the property is the first building in Latina to obtain CasaClima Gold certification, making it a nearly Zero-Energy Building (nZED).

For more information, visit www.lapitec.com.