During Domotex USA’s two-day Growth Sessions conference, industry leaders and digital marketing experts offered key takeaways, case studies and creative approaches to the predominantly flooring retailer audience. FloorForce sponsored the first day of Digital Growth discussions held Thursday, Feb. 28. The day’s discussions offered measurable tools for finding, understanding and connecting with targeted flooring customers through digital channels.

Friday’s Branding and Marketing Growth Sessions highlighted how retailers can create brands that resonate with customers. A joint discussion between Derrick Daye, managing partner of The Blake Project, and Frank Chiera, senior vice president of marketing & advertising at CCA Global, offered insights into how retailers can develop brands that make an emotional connection with their customers. Important takeaways were how to get intentional about the branding process and how to think through brand positioning, brand essence and the brand promise.

“I could see that the audience was actively interested and really leaned in to our presentation,” said Chiera. “Independent retailers absolutely can do a better job of taking care of their customers by creating a more personal, emotional connection with them,”

The Insider Talks held on the show floor for all attendees featured top industry professionals who discussed topics ranging from the state of the flooring industry to tips for flooring installation and repairs.

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