HOUSTON—Flooring distributor Swiff-Train has announced the promotion of Joe Reddington to chief operating officer, effective immediately. In his new role, Reddington will be responsible for operations, sourcing, supply chain and customer service, as well as product management and IT initiatives.

“The Swiff-Train strength has been our sourcing expertise through the years, and we are best in class when it comes to customer service & operations. Joe will now help direct this team to bring more efficiencies into the business while providing value-add through the entire channel,” said Shane Calloway, president and CEO.

Reddington’s experience in the industry encompasses over twenty-five years in manufacturing, sales and distribution. His expertise will lead the strategic direction for the company as it relates to the overall operation to ensure excellent execution and customer experience, the distributor noted.

For more information, visit swiff-train.com.