If there’s anything in the world that you can spend hours browsing on home design websites, it would be tile. The variety of materials, styles, colors, and textures make it possible for you to incorporate tile into any design you want. However, when the sheer amount of possibilities is making you see double, it can be hard to narrow it down to the exact style you want.

One type of tile that’s rightfully getting a lot of attention from designers is handmade tile. It possesses some surprising perks and some that you’d expect. Let’s have a closer look at handmade tile and all its stunning beauty.

It Has Character

Not only does installing handmade tile bring an instant and specific sense of character to your home, but it can also elevate your entire design with this unique trait. Factory-made tiles are beautiful as well, but handmade tile has that appealing and human quality that almost seems to tell its own tale. Every imperfection becomes a story, rather than a flaw that you need to correct. And no two handmade tile floors or walls are alike, even if the same type of tile is being used.

It’s Durable

Depending on the make, handmade tiles can be extremely durable and last you a long time even when exposed to harsh conditions. However, if they’re left unglazed, they’ll be porous, so sealing them is mandatory to avoid damage caused by dirt and moisture. To stay safe, you should repeat the sealing process regularly, depending on the location of the handmade tile and whether it’s exposed to conditions that might wear it down faster.

It Has Simple Maintenance Rules

Maintaining the beauty of handmade tile is pretty straightforward. The most important thing to remember is to avoid any harsh cleaners, so steer clear of anything that contains bleach or acid. Using them will likely damage the tiles permanently.

It Allows for a Stunning Organic Design

The elegance of handmade tile lies in the uniqueness of every single tile. The floor won’t be uniform-looking since the pieces are made by hand, which can complement certain styles of design beautifully. Anything with a touch of rustic charm or a relaxed vibe will go together like milk and cookies with handmade tile. For example, if you’ve been dreaming about a modern farmhouse decorating project, the handmade tile could be just the thing to look into.

It’s Customizable

Handmade tile allows for a high level of customizability, which is always a valuable perk. When you’re trying to express your personality through design, the ability to customize a particular design element might be precisely what you need. For many homeowners, it’s a dream come true.

Now that you are aware of all the wonderful perks of handmade tile, it might help you decide whether it’s the right fit for you and the design you have in mind. It truly makes a difference in the look and feel of tile and could find a permanent home in many homeowners’ hearts. Making your own tiles can be both time-consuming and challenging. Tampa Tile has partnered with local Florida artist Elle Terry Leonard to provide customers with handmade custom order tile.

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