Calhoun, Ga. -- Halstead/Metroflor’s fundraising golf tournament on April 30 at the Top Golf Facility in Atlanta, benefiting the companies’ Addiction Crisis charity (HMAC), was a great success with 45 participants. The $25,000 raised by the golfers along with additional donations from employees, customers, and friends will help combat the national addiction epidemic affecting so many individuals and their families. “Rehabilitation scholarships” in partnership with The Blanchard Institute through a 501c3 partnership in “Faith in Four: Recovery, Prevention, Education and Treatment” will fund treatment at top addiction recovery facilities for those in need, who cannot otherwise afford it.

The Golf Outing contributes to HMAC’s goal of raising $500K over the next two years through a “Save an Addict. Save a Family” Go Fund Me page and other activities, which will be matched dollar for dollar by Metroflor/Halstead for a total of $1 million.

“This Top Golf event is but one of several that our charity will conduct over the next year or so, in order to fulfill our mission,” said Paul Eanes, Metroflor vice president of business development. “The opioid crisis, and addiction in general, is holding our nation hostage, and it must be stopped.”

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