Scott Group Studio is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. In celebration, the company is re-releasing archived patterns, starting this month and rolling out throughout the rest of 2019, calling it "50 Patterns I 50 Years." Some releases are classic patterns in the same timeless designs they launched decades ago, while others are updated reinterpretations of original styles.

Scott Group Studio's Product Director says, "we wanted to energize our team of 14 designers and be able to look at our design archive and history through a fresh lens," said Jennifer Kirchgessner, Scott Group Studio's product director. "We selected designs that were received well in the past and were top sellers, or patterns that were really classic, such as certain geometrics or florals. However, the goal was to look and see these in a different context—perhaps by scaling up the pattern, or choosing a different color palette."

The first rugs to be launched are: Aella, Yuki, Vetralla, Geode, and Saronno. Scott Group Studio has also released a look-book of all the upcoming releases.

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