Tarkett has partnered with 2019 Designers of the Year Brad Sherman and Nina Etnier of Float Studio in the creation of Drop Cloth, a high-definition digitally printed LVT on Tarkett’s Contour construction.

Sherman and Etnier set out to create an abstract, monolithic pattern that designers could rely on again and again. Inspired by their favorite textiles, which feature unexpected color combinations, they created a palette that appears neutral at first, but has unexpected pops of color to help support more dynamic use of color throughout a space. Drop Cloth’s combination of pattern and color allows a layering similar to a terrazzo floor, without feeling faux.

The collection includes Techtonic, an advanced polyurethane technology that resists scratching, abrasions, scuffing and staining to ensure floors look nicer, longer. Techtonic’s matte finish adds beauty, depth and dimension for safe and beautiful floors that stand up to the worst of wear.

Drop Cloth is also FloorScore certified, made in the U.S. with up to 27.5% pre-consumer recycled content, and recyclable through Tarkett's ReStart reclamation program.

For more information, visit www.tarkett.com.