Calhoun, Ga. -- Now in select specialty retail stores across the country, Pergo Extreme provides Mohawk’s Edge retailers an exclusive and extensive collection. To support its partners carrying the latest in Pergo product innovation, Mohawk recently announced the full consumer launch of this extremely durable, rigid luxury vinyl flooring.

“Pergo Extreme is our largest LVT launch ever, and we are offering deeper visuals, deeper protection and a deeper warranty,” said Jason Sims, director of brand marketing. “With its brand power and product differentiation, Pergo Extreme is a win-win for Mohawk, our valued retail partners and, most importantly, families looking for worry-free flooring solutions.”

Sixty higher-end wood and stone visuals in four collections feature advanced engineering and epitomize “High Performance Runs Deep” in every way. The authentic textures and multiple length-width offerings of Pergo Extreme provides consumers with immense design versatility. Its superior wear layer is extremely durable and dent-proof. Additionally, Pergo Extreme is backed by a “Worry-Free for Life” warranty—the only dent-proof, 100% kid and pet-proof and 100% waterproof warranty.

To help retailers tell the Pergo Extreme story, Mohawk has created dynamic in-store merchandising, such as flexible and modular displays, point-of-purchase kits and even Five Star-exclusive dent demos. Digital resources include preferred listings on the recently updated along with Omnify and Edge Local Advertising campaigns.

“Now that the Pergo Extreme displays are set and the Omnify and Edge Local Advertising campaigns are live, we’re continuing to build upon the strength of Pergo by investing in ways to keep the brand and product top of mind for consumers,” said Sims. “We’re going to continue to capture consumers at multiple touchpoints to drive demand. It’s all about creating a seamless shopping experience—one that brings the product to life online and in store with a consistent message.”

Later this month, the Pergo “Go Life” national advertising campaign will start. “This campaign has been designed to reach busy families and let them know they should never have to worry about their floor,” said Sims. “They can drop, drag, drench and dance as they please. Life doesn’t stop and neither should their floor. Hence the name, Go Life.”

To make sure the campaign reaches households and generates interest, Mohawk is investing in always-on media to ensure the message is delivered at precisely the right moment in a consumer’s shopping journey. When consumers go online, they will be met with videos, engaging social media content and search and influencer campaigns. When they goes in store, Mohawk will continue the story on its Pergo Extreme merchandising displays.

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