During their annual Summer Convention, Carpet One Floor & Home members rallied around a cause that helps provide Smart Homes for catastrophically injured veterans. Carpet One Floor & Home’s support of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, goes back to 2014 when the Cooperative agreed to install all the flooring in Smart Homes being built by the Foundation. Since then, the program has been embraced by Carpet One Floor & Home membership and grown to not only support the organization through flooring installations but also as a key financial supporter.

During the convention's general session presentation, Theresa Fisher, senior vice president of store design and visual merchandising, announced that the total contribution by Carpet One Floor & Home to date has exceeded $1.1 million.

“I’m truly amazed at the generosity and passion of our members,” said Fisher. “Just when I think we’ve done all we possibly can, another member steps up or another donation is received. The way this cause has brought the Cooperative together is astounding.”

The cooperative continues to support installations for Smart Homes being built by the Foundation, but they’ve also expanded their efforts to raise funds and awareness. Each September, the Tunnel to Towers 5K in New York City draws a huge crowd, and for the past few years, that crowd has included a large sea of teal – Carpet One’s brand color.

Roger Benedict of Ruggs Benedict Carpet One Floor & Home based in Avon, Colo. has collected over $130,000 over 4 years. Julie Kerkochian from United Carpet One Floor & Home in Fresno, Calif., has raised over $100,000 and Cathy Buchanan from Independent Carpet One Floor & Home in Westland, Mich., over $80, 000 to date.

“The Carpet One team gets larger and larger each year,” added Fisher. “We have members that travel from all over North America to be part of this team, and they’re happy to do it.”

Many members have taken fundraising to heart and made astonishing contributions. One of these members is Zack Allen of Buddy Allen Carpet One Floor & Home in Nashville, Tenn. Zack and his store have raised over $85,000 in the past four years with $35,000 raised so far for the 2019 event.

This week while in Denver attending their convention, a group of members known as the NEX<40 worked to add a personal touch to their efforts to provide heroes with the homes they deserve. During their traditional convention dinner, the group created cornhole game boards that will be gifted as housewarming presents for each Smart Home recipient.

“Our NEX<40 members were really excited to work on this personal gift for the service members,” said Frank Santaniello, vice president of membership and leader of the NEX<40 group. “The cornhole boards look fantastic and we can’t wait to see them all find homes.”

During the marketing session, Bevin Andrews, senior vice president of marketing, announced that their recent Buy A Hat Build a House promotion, in which members ordered custom hats to be sold in their stores, raised over $50,000. This idea originated from Kerkochian’s efforts and was expanded to encourage other members to raise funds.

During the closing general session, Fisher encouraged all members to participate in the Tunnel to Towers 5K and help Carpet One become the top fundraiser for this year’s event. Members also had the opportunity to have the photo taken with John Carroll, Battalion Chief, FDNY (Ret.) and John V. Labarbera, Battalion Commander, FDNY (Ret.) along with a check representing Carpet One’s cumulative donation to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

For more information, visit www.carpetone.com.