For over 40 years, Ceramics of Italy has been the trademark that symbolizes the Italian ceramic industry both in Italy and throughout the world. It is synonymous with ceramic bearing the Made in Italy label and of the core values of our industry. It is used for all the promotional initiatives of the Association itself and the individual companies that manufacture ceramic in Italy. It now appears in the title of the advertisement campaign video that film director Francesca Molteni has been asked to produce.

In just over one minute, the video “Ceramics of Italy – Ahead of our Time” expresses everything that only Italian-made ceramic can represent: the richness, uniqueness and beauty typical of Italian ceramic tiles (not only those made in the past, but also those produced in the modern age), and the core values of the Made in Italy label that distinguish them.

The narration of the video explains, in an elegant, intuitive way, the extraordinary ability of Italian ceramic to bring together the opposites of past and future, which are represented by highly iconic landscapes (from the Mediterranean to the hills of Emilia, and finally Florence), historic ceramics and modern tiles used in major works of architecture (Hotel Parco dei Principi Gio Ponti + Dallara Parma 5+1AA + Teatro dell’Opera of Florence ABDR).

Finally, the payoff of the video: “Ahead of our Time," a highly meaningful heading that enshrines what has always animated the very spirit of Italian creativity. According to one of the most authoritative dictionaries in the world, it means: To have new ideas a long time before other people start to think in the same way (Collins English Dictionary).

This message is aimed at a North American audience and intends, through a social media campaign, to promote the Italian ceramic tile industry and gain the loyalty of buyers of ‘Ceramics of Italy’, underlining that in this way “they are taking a piece of Italy home with them."

It is the second film on ceramics directed by Francesca Molteni, who last year produced the docufilm "Timeless Tiles: The Italian Legacy" to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Design Competition in North America, the objective of this campaign is that of making Made in Italy ceramic more competitive at international level, focusing on its totally unique and outstanding properties.

This promotional tool goes hand-in-hand with two further projects launched by the Italian ceramic industry, in other words the video of the campaign entitled The values of Ceramic and Mater Ceramica. The advertisement campaign ‘The values of Ceramic’ is dedicated to the great number of positive and particular aspects of the material and involves 8 video-clips that will be distributed on social media to consumers and professionals. This promotional activity was created and developed in Italy and will be distributed on the European and the U.S. market.

The Mater Ceramica project has been devised as a historical and geographical map of Italian ceramic, constructing a virtual network of the hundreds of artistic and industrial hubs that are present throughout Italy, connecting cities, areas and regions.

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