Providence, R.I. -- Four Sport Group brands came together recently to provide a variety of applications at the Meeting Street in Providence, R.I.

Meeting Street is where children of all ages and abilities receive individualized attention from highly trained, dedicated educators, therapists, and staff who work as a team, sharing strategies and identifying solutions to bring out the best in each child. The school has a stated goal of creating an environment, and ultimately a world, where individuals of all abilities learn, play, work, and live together. For 70 years, the school has been a pioneer in the areas of early childhood inclusive education, and helping children with special needs. Meeting Street is where children of all ages and abilities thrive. They offer programs for children from when they are born until 22 years old.

To help meet the need of providing the children with a safe and fun place to play and compete, the school called on AstroTurf and three of its sister brands to install multiple surfaces on the campus. This project called for a high-performance playing field, a reliable running track, a durable surface for the spectator area, and a dependable grass-like surface for the common areas.

For installation of the various products, Sport Group turned to one of its valued certified distributors, Atlantic Sports Group of Canton, Mass. ASG is well-qualified to expertly install each component of these state-of-the-art sports surfaces.

“This was one of those projects that called for a wide range of knowledge and expertise to execute," said Scott Kosterich, president of Atlantic Sports Group. "Our crews performed superbly to give the Meeting Street School a multipurpose area to meet their needs. We are thrilled to be a trusted partner with AstroTurf and its sister brands and to be able to work on rewarding jobs like this one.”

Each component of the Meeting Street design demanded very specific requirements. For the actual playing field, they chose AstroTurf’s RootZone 3D3. It is the company’s most popular system known for its long-lasting performance and good looks. The system results in minimal infill splash and better shock absorbency, while improving safety, playability and durability.

Surrounding the beautiful AstroTurf field is a high-performing Rekortan R-10 track. Designed for the current day athlete, the renowned Rekortan track system is a diverse, world class series of polyurethane running tracks that are unmatched in quality and performance.

The common area outside of the Rekortan track required a durable surface that would stand up to crowds and everyday use. The right product for the job was SYNLawn X47. Weighing in at a whopping 100-ounce face weight, this artificial grass variety rises above the competition with its unmatched softness and durability. Multi-color grass blades and dense tan thatch combine to offer a leading contender in its weight class.

Finally, Laykold was selected for the spectator area in the facility. Known as a premier surface for tennis and Pickleball courts, Laykold is a family of acrylic sports surfaces that can be customized to achieve the desired performance and appearance in multiple applications.

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