Previously, buyers chose StaticStop’s SelecTile for its superior ESD qualities with the only choice of color—available in black only. With the latest version of SelecTile, StaticStop offers the same ESD effectiveness but also available in gray and possibly additional colors upon request.

“The previous version of SelecTile was made using graphite, which is why we could only offer it in black," said Thomas Ricciardelli, president of SelecTech. "By adding a metallic composite fiber, we can make other colors with the same outstanding ESD qualities. The new and improved SelecTile also has a number of other benefits that make it more aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective.”

The new SelecTile is made of 96% of recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. So, it can be produced and reproduced in a more cost-effective manner without sacrificing effectiveness and durability. SelecTile offers lifetime static control and can withstand heavy forklift and hand-truck traffic.

StaticStop’s SelecTile employs a patented interlocking technology for easy installation without messy glues or adhesives. That enables new flooring to be installed with little or no down time. Beyond easy installation and portability, SelecTile offers acoustic and ergonomic benefits for workers over epoxy flooring surfaces.

StaticStop’s SelecTile is manufactured to provide a durable and long-lasting floor covering under a range of temperature and exposure conditions and is backed by a 10-Year limited warranty against wear. Since it is made with recycled materials, SelecTile is the only ESD conductive flooring of its kind that can contribute to LEED Credits.

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