For over 35 year years, the Belknap White Group has offered its customers the best-in-class surface materials; offering an extensive portfolio of products that are selected for value, exceptional quality and on-trend design. Today, with over 100,000 SKUs offered via their company portfolio, the Belknap White Group continues to pursue the latest design trends, always bringing the most contemporary materials to market.

Recently, terrazzo flooring has been experiencing quite a revival. Architects and designers love its clean, modern appeal. With today's poured-in-place terrazzo installations being replaced by the new tiles on the market; digitally designed porcelains to simulate the look of terrazzo have become all the rage.

Traditional terrazzo flooring installations can be quite time-consuming. In fact, most flooring contractors say that the most important part of laying a terrazzo floor is the surface preparation beforehand. Expensive materials and lack of skilled labor come into play as well. While traditional terrazzo flooring may provide more design flexibility and sustainability, terrazzo-look tiles offer a myriad of unique benefits.

Terrazzo tile offers nearly the same durability, minimal care and maintenance as does traditional terrazzo without the time-constraint, costly materials and labor. And, because they are tiles, they can be installed in a variety of different places, even on vertical surfaces.

BWG has recently brought in three “terrazzo-lines” from their manufacturing partners.

Alaska by Crossville offers a subtle, modern terrazzo look in a color palette of neutrals. The tiles are available in 12x24 and 24x48. Its dual-finish captures the realistic look of true terrazzo. The Collection also offers stunning mosaics, bullnose trim pieces and cove basis to complete the ‘terrazzo’ look.

Combining the vintage look of terrazzo with patterns of encaustic, Marazzi’s D_Segni Terrazzo offers countless design opportunities. Four solid colors and four patterns in a retro 8x8 size round out this exquisite collection.

American Olean’s Neospeck ColorBody uses large-format sizes with rectified edges to create the clean contemporary terrazzo flooring. Five colors are available in unpolished and lightly polished finishes to further bring to life the terrazzo-inspired aesthetic.

“By bringing in these 'hot trends,' We continue to provide our design partners and our customers with modern and contemporary products which satisfy their most stringent demands," said Dave Godlewski of BWG. "These tiles are a great substitute for traditional terrazzo, offering fast installation times and incredible cost savings.”

The three terrazzo lines offered by the BWG offer a variety of colors, sizes and complimenting accessories. These glazed porcelain tiles are digitally-printed with unique, traditional terrazzo design, a flecked pattern that architects, design professionals and consumers will love for both residential and commercial applications.

“These faux terrazzo tiles are finding their way into not only into commercial settings but into homes as well. They offer consumers the elegance of terrazzo without the hassle of mixing, pouring and grinding materials.” added Jane Twombly, BWG’s director of specifications. “They are so realistically and beautifully designed, offer incredible durability, easy to clean and moreover, save time and money with 'speedy installation' to meet the most challenging construction timelines.”

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