Torleys is expanding the entire RigidWood SPC Vinyl line into Flex & Firm collections to simplify and add value to this category. Torleys new collections in terms of Flex & Firm constructions will help position the two types of SPC constructions (single press vs. continuous press) and then expand on the features exclusive to the Torleys RigidWood products. Both Flex & Firm offer all the benefits of a Torleys Smart floor in an SPC vinyl, including Uniclic joints and Microban product protection for both top and bottom layers.

RigidWood Flex has a unique 8-layer single press construction that results in an optimal blend of flexibility and rigidity. This advanced single press manufacturing process allows for beautifully deep textured surfaces that are softer to the touch, perfectly synchronized woodgrain visuals and an extra-stable floor that can be installed transition free, up to 80x80 ft.

RigidWood Flex is available in Premier and Elite collections. Premier is a 6x48 in. plank available in 5 modern colors. Elite offers extra wide and long planks in 7x59 in., in 5 on trend colors.

RigidWood Firm is a 5-layer continuous press construction that offers a lighter more subtle texture providing excellent performance at great value, including transition free installations in spaces up to 70x70 ft. RigidWood Firm is offered in the Vista collection and the newly introduced Premier collection. Both offer planks that are 48 in. long in 10 stunning colors across the collections while also offering wide planks to give an expansive look to any space: Vista is 6 in. wide and Premier is 7 in. wide.

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