Willemstad, Curaço -- I4F announced that it has signed an R&D and patent partnership agreement with Lico AG. As part of the agreement, I4F represents Lico on its recently filed, as well as all future, patent applications. I4F also obtains licensing and marketing rights for the majority of Lico technologies.

Located in Mustair, Switzerland, LI & CO AG (Lico) is a privately held company with over twenty years of experience in the manufacturing and development of cork, wood, resilient and stone products. Lico has a strong reputation as one of the flooring industry’s most innovative companies.

“At Lico, we pride ourselves as being leaders in flooring R&D and innovation development," said Edwin Lingg, Lico’s managing director. "We prefer to focus on what we do best, innovate, while leaving patent licensing, marketing and protection to I4F, who we believe is the industry’s leading expert in this field.”

John Rietveldt, I4F CEO, added, “Lico’s reputation precedes it as one of the industry’s most successful innovators. We are proud and excited to sign this patent partnership agreement that covers virtually all of Lico’s latest technologies. We continue to partner with world leading innovators to explore and market exciting developments that take the flooring industry even further.”

For more information, visit www.i4f.com.