Titebond gives flooring installers a strong alternative to urethane wood flooring adhesives with its newest flooring product, Titebond 741 Choice Wood Flooring Adhesive.

Formulated using a newly developed proprietary polymer, Titebond 741 Choice contains no water or solvents; it is 100% solids. It also is easy to use and provides excellent green grab and strength development, curing into a tough, flexible and tenacious bond to a variety of substrates. Once troweled, it won’t slump, decreasing the amount of popping sounds in the finished floor. Elastomeric properties allow the adhesive to move with the wood as it expands and contracts over the life of the floor.

Titebond 741 Choice is most often used to secure solid wood, bamboo, cork and engineered flooring. It can also be used to install plywood and cork underlayments as well as stone, ceramic tile and marble inlays for residential and commercial applications. It is moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistant and can be combined with concrete subfloor moisture systems, such as Titebond 531 or 531 Plus, to achieve 100% moisture protection.

In addition to good trowelability, this Titebond adhesive further simplifies application with easy clean up from pre-finished floors and a freeze-proof formulation. It also is VOC-compliant with all federal and state regulations, including SCAQMD, and is FloorScore certified by SCS.

Titebond 741 Choice Wood Flooring Adhesive is sold in 3.5-gallon pails.

For more information, visit www.titebond.com.