Bologna, Italy -- The Famous Bathrooms thematic exhibition curated by Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli, which featured 32 designer bathrooms inspired by famous historical figures and consisted of a series of sets testifying to the excellence of Italian Style, posted excellent final results.

The exhibition is now an unmissable appointment for visitors to Cersaie and was attended by 10,000 visitors (including 27% non-Italians) and 200 journalists. With its cross-cutting appeal in terms of product types and exhibition experience, this year’s event was the sixth in the series and adopted a rather different approach while maintaining the same format. The two curators, Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli, chose a new and highly innovative exhibition model, a cross between a traditional trade fair and an art gallery where each set displayed a small number of carefully selected items.

Famous Bathrooms offered a free interpretation of the bathroom space inspired by people who have shaped history and have excelled in diverse fields spanning art, culture, science, music and cinema: from the Beatles to Sigmund Freud, from Coco Chanel to Piet Mondrian, from Le Corbusier to Maria Callas. The underlying concept was that the bathroom is the realm of well-being, a place to be furnished and customized, as well as being the part of the home closest to the product sectors of Cersaie.

Each individual slot was inspired by a famous figure and featured one of the 32 participating companies. The sequence of slots was arranged along a semi-circular path leading to the lounge area at the heart of the exhibition. The introduction of a central business area complete with work corners available for use by companies was highly lauded.

Again this year, the program of meetings offered plenty of food for thought. The official inauguration on the first day of Cersaie, ably conducted by the well-known art critic Philippe Daverio who enthralled the audience, was followed by the presentation of the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design Award and the first edition of the ADI Booth Design Awards. As has become customary, the thematic exhibition also featured in the Bologna Design Week with a portal present in the Quadrivio or Crossroads in Galleria Cavour , the heart of the city’s shopping district.

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