Atlanta -- Mohawk Industries announced the company’s Air.o Unified Soft Flooring (USF) line has achieved Declare and Health Product Declaration (HPD) certifications. Air.o was showcased as part of Mohawk’s portfolio of flooring solutions designed to minimize environmental impact at Greenbuild. The Air.o display at Mohawk’s booth helped the manufacturer earn the coveted Green Exhibitor Attendee Choice award.

Engineered with just one material and latex-free with no “new carpet” smell, Air.o is 100% recyclable. The line continues to expand to meet growing popularity demands and serve the needs of families. Air.o gives consumers greater design capabilities while offering an easy-to-clean, VOC-free option to serve their homes.

“Declare labels and HPDs help us expand our commitments more strategically and better communicate, organize and connect Mohawk’s holistic approach to sustainability across our family of brands,” said George Bandy Jr., chief sustainability officer at Mohawk Flooring North America. “The next generation is very cognizant of the types of companies and organizations with which they do business. We know that this next step in our journey will allow us to reach new customers and spread our message of sustainability further than ever before.”

Mohawk holds current and relevant certifications that illustrate its leadership in product transparency and its commitment to manufacturing products that help contribute to healthy spaces. The International Living Future Institute’s Declare program provides a clear, elegant and informative "nutrition label" for building products. Declare aligns with Mohawk’s commitment to transparency in support of the Living Building Challenge's Red List and Responsible Materials Imperatives to streamline material documentation and project certification.

A Health Product Declaration (HPD), developed by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative, is a standard format for reporting product ingredients and associated health information. HPDs objectively provide the critical information needed to support accurate supply chain disclosure and informed decisions by building designers, specifiers, owners and end users.

“Consumers want to know that a company like Mohawk has a commitment to transparency, effectiveness, performance, design and overall corporate social responsibility,” added Bandy. “It’s not just about creating better products, but also about educating our consumers at the point of sale around the types of solutions that are better for them and their families.”

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