Shanghai -- Domotex asia/ChinaFloor has seen a great success with the signature pavilions over its 21 year history, and the upcoming edition will continue providing the international audience with visitor-favorite events and new unforgettable experiences.

Oriental carpets have an outstanding quality and reputation, with a history that has always intrigued Chinese consumers. Previously, they were mostly used in the hospitality and public sectors, but with a growing Chinese interest in interior design, the consumption pattern has changed: the carpet market in China is increasing.

Chinese consumers are looking for exclusive designs and fabrics. Handmade carpets from India, Afghanistan, Nepal and other are sought out by Chinese consumers. To introduce the oriental carpets to the B2C world, Domotex asia/ChinaFloor has created “Treasures of the Orient,” a 650 sqm exclusive area in the heart of Hall-W3 with a distinctive design for exhibitors from India, Afghanistan, and Nepal.

With China accounting for one-third of global luxury consumption, Chinese consumers want more premium and high-end options. This trend extends across the Chinese consumer sector, including interior design and home decoration. Chinese companies are making the shift from "made in China" to "designed and created in China" as consumers are increasingly more confident in domestic brands.

To this end, Domotex asia/ChinaFloor will support Chinese carpet design and houses in the second edition of Chinese Original Carpet Design Show, promoting the works of young Chinese carpet designers. The top 30 carpets will be displayed onsite as a part of a unique installation. Jury selected among prominent and leading figures in design industry, press members, design professionals and associations will choose 10 works and present the young designers their awards at the show.

The Domotex asia/ChinaFloor team and COVER Magazine also announced the fourth edition of the curated Luxury Brands exhibition. VIPs and invited guests can visit the signature marquee in Hall-W5, presenting renowned carpet design firms who indulge visitors with a variety of extravagant products. Each company will introduce two of their finest hand-made rugs to buyers as well as industry professionals interested in collaborating on future design projects.

Exhibitors and visitors alike are excited by the great mix of design that will be on display and the potential to develop the event, bringing high-end rugs to a greater Asian audience. In celebration of this growing product demand at the exhibition, show organizers and COVER are sponsoring an opportunity for international visitors to catalyze their participation by applying for the 2020 Carpet Delegation. Delegates who are selected will follow exclusive Domotex asia/ChinaFloor Carpet Sector tours and introduced to the Luxury Brands exhibitors.

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